Baby Shower Invitations

Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations

Planning on throwing a baby shower can be a really fun time. The process of having a baby and preparing for it can be daunting at times and taking a break from worrying about it all to help plan a fun party where you get lots of presents is a great way to relax. One of the most important aspects of planning a baby shower though is deciding on the baby shower invitations. There are so many baby shower invitations to choose from and so many ways to send them; it can be a difficult decision to make. But there are some suggestions on baby shower invitations.

Do you have your nursery all decorated and the theme picked out? Whether it is teddy bears, sports, cartoon characters or fairies you can make baby shower invitations that will match the theme of your nursery. This is a fun way to tie in what you are doing in your home with the shower. In addition, people will have a better idea of how you are decorating and can help with the little odds and ends still outstanding when they have an idea of what your theme is.

One of the more traditional baby shower invitations is the use of "It's a Boy!" or "It's a Girl!" baby shower invitations. This is, of course, contingent on you actually knowing the gender of the baby. For those people who receive baby shower invitations and do not have time to check into your registry, it gives them a good idea as to the kind of things to buy. They have a better selection of clothing to choose from and don't have to exclusively stick to gender neutral toys and clothing in order to get you a gift.

Any type of baby shower invitations can have a theme using pastel colors and baby items as a background or border. You can typically find these more generic types of baby shower invitations at discount stores and at party planning stores. Often you can get them at a discount, especially if they are trying to get rid of inventory or the particular baby shower invitations are discontinued. This is a great trick for saving money on baby shower invitations and is really handy if you are on a tight budget.

In addition to considering the look, feel and theme of baby shower invitations there is also the additional tasks of having to write out the baby shower invitations as well as send them. However, there are options for those things too! You can choose from wither pre printed baby shower invitations, home printed baby shower invitations using a word processing program or hand written baby shower invitations. The pre printed option is going to be the most expensive when you use a stationer but if this is what you want, look online to purchase them. You will likely get a better deal on baby shower invitations online than at a retail outlet near you.

Hand written baby shower invitations can be less expensive and if you find discount cards you will save a lot of money. You can get those pretty inexpensively if you get the right deal. For home printed baby shower invitations this will be the most cost saving option as you will only have to pay for the paper and postage. However it does take some work and creativity to print them. Be careful too if you are having a really large shower because printer ink is expensive and you may find you are not saving as much as you thought!

Mailing options for baby shower invitations are varied as well. The most popular and traditional means of mailing baby shower invitations is by postal mail a few weeks prior to the actual shower. Envelopes should be hand written, a return address added and a nice stamp, not a meter used to add postage. There is also the option of mailing baby shower invitations via email which is becoming more acceptable in today's day and age. When you use virtual cards or make your own using a word processing program, you can send out the baby shower invitations via email to all your friends and family. The advantage to this is that you will do it at no cost whatsoever!